General Council of the DAA holds first session during 2020 in Raqqa

RAQQA – The General Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (DAA) held its first session during the year 2020 in Raqqa. The session was held at the Future Syria Party’s hall and lasted two days. During the session, the Unified Personnel Law in the Autonomous Administration was ratified.

The session was attended by the Co-Chairs of the General Council, Siham Qoryo and Farid Atti, in addition to a majority of the council members.

The meeting started with a minute of silence to commemorate martyrs, then the provisions of the previous session were read, followed by reading and discussing provisions of the Unified Personnel Law.

The first day of the session ended with the council members approving 94 articles of the law and voting on them unanimously and separately. The Unified Personnel Law includes 137 articles which define the conditions, provisions, and principles of appointment, employment, task specifications, duty specifications, and wages of the workers in the DAA.

Ratification of the remaining articles of the law is scheduled.