Israel strikes targets in Syria with several missiles

DAMASCUS – In the early hours on Thursday, Israel bombed locations of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Iranian Militias south of Damascus. Israel justified the attack by stating it was attempting to stop the expanding Iranian presence in Syria which it sees as a threat to Israeli security. The SAA responded immediately and managed to intercept several of the incoming missiles with its air defense systems. Syrian-state media reported that 8 soldiers were wounded, however the Britain-based Syrian Observation for Human Rights (SOHR) reports at least 12 soldiers were killed in the strikes.

Government-run Al-Akhbarea News Agency reported Syrian military officials as stating that the attack had been launched from the Golan Heights and through Lebanese airspace.

SOHR reported that it monitored the fall of numerous missiles on the barracks of the SAA and Iranian militias around Damascus, including the city of Kiswah.

Israel has repeatedly bombed targets of Iranian-backed groups in Syria, saying: “The goal is to end the Iranian military presence in the country, which some Western intelligence sources consider an expansion in recent years.”