Suturo continue to provide security despite heavy snowfall and cold weather

QAMISHLI – During the past few days, despite the sharp drop of temperatures witnessed in the northeast regions of Syria and under a blanket of snow, the Sutoro (Syriac security forces) are manning checkpoints and providing security throughout the region.

Yesterday, the official Facebook page of the Sutoro published several interviews with its members performing their duties in spite of the weather. Recent temperatures have reached below zero from Dayrik (al-Malikiyah) to Qabre Hewore (al-Qahtaniyah) and Qamishli, all the way down to Hasakah.

The Sutoro forces interviewed confirmed that they have intensified patrols on the main roads and within cities at this particular time to reduce drivers’ speed and help ensure safety.

Passers-by interviewed expressed their thanks and gratitude to the Sutoro for enduring this cold weather to ensure the safety of citizens.