Idlib meeting between Merkel, Macron, Erdoğan, and Putin set for 5 March

PARIS / MOSCOW – In a phone call about the current crisis in Idlib, Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan both stressed the need to implement a ceasefire in accordance with the Sochi Agreement. French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel had already expressed their concern over the deteriorating situation in Idlib and stressed holding an urgent quartet meeting with presidents Putin and Erdoğan.

The Kremlin stated on Friday that in a phone conversation, President Putin and his Turkish counterpart agreed to intensify their contact and implement a ceasefire in Idlib in accordance with the Sochi Agreement.

Ankara stated that President Erdoğan urged his Russian counterpart in the phone conversation of the need to control the Syrian Arab Army and put an end to the humanitarian crisis in Idlib. President Erdoğan added that the full implementation of the agreement reached in Sochi would end the fighting in the area under the control of the militants.

Macron and Merkel have informed Erdoğan that the humanitarian crisis in Idlib needs a political solution and stressed the necessity of an urgent meeting with Putin.

In a statement from the office of the French presidency, Macron and Merkel expressed their mutual concern about the catastrophic humanitarian conditions of the civilians as well as the risk of an uncontrollable escalation.

On Saturday, Erdoğan announced plans for a meeting to take place between himself, Macron, Merkel, and Putin on 5 March to attempt to find a political soultion to the crisis in Idlib.