SYRIA: Russian-Turkish statements claim Idlib ceasefire a success

Idlib – Russia and Turkey expressed their optimism over the fresh ceasefire holding up and their satisfaction about the commitment of the warring parties to the ceasefire. Both sides stressed the importance of their ceasefire agreement which would bring security to troubled Idlib.

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the steadiness of the ceasefire agreement in Idlib.

The director of Hmeimim Center for Warring Parties Reconciliation in Syria, which is affiliated with the Russian Ministry of Defense, Admiral Oleg Goravlov stated on Tuesday evening: “No bombardments have been recorded during the past 24 hours by the illegal Turkish-backed militants”. However, two bombardments in Aleppo by the terrorist militants of the Al-Nusra Front had previously been recorded, he added. He also confirmed the continuation of personal communication channels for practical cooperation between the Hmeimim Center and the Turkish side.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan affirmed the ceasefire agreement in Idlib is holding up and hoped that the agreement would facilitate the return of displaced people. He also added that Turkey is establishing small houses in Idlib to accommodate the displaced people who lost their homes during the military operations. He indicating that about 500 houses have been constructed so far.

In related news, the Turkish Foreign Minister, mevlut cavusoglu stated that Turkish forces will respond in case the Syrian regime violates the ceasefire in Idlib. In an interview with Anadolu News Agency, the minister stated that Turkish soldiers would do what they had done previously if the Syrian regime tried to advance in Idlib.