Syriac Orthodox Bishopric in Sweden announces preventative COVID-19 measures

STOCKHOLM – The Syriac Orthodox Patriarchal Diocese Prosecutor’s Office in Sweden and its Council have issued a series of resolutions calling on all believers to abide by the preventive measures taken by the authorities in Sweden and supported by Church.

A letter was announced to all members of the Syriac Orthodox Bishopric in Sweden, which stated that “in accordance with the decision of the Swedish authorities, more than 500 people are forbidden to gather in cases of mass prayer on Sundays, and we must abide by this decision.”

The letter included several points for churches and churchgoers to take:

      • It is not permissible to number more than 400 people in cases of baptism in church halls.
      • Do not take the Holy Eucharist directly through the mouth, instead it is to be taken by the believers according to steps done by patriarchate in Damascus, measures which have been followed by the church since the days of St. Afrem (Mar Afrem).
      • It is preferable that people over the age of 70 not attend the church, especially those suffering from various diseases, in order to avoid exposure.


Similar measures have been taken by the Syriac Orthodox churches in Germany and the Netherlands.