NORTH & EAST SYRIA: 62 U.S. trucks with military equipment and logistics enter Syria

North & East Syria – U.S forces on Sunday sent a new convoy of trucks carrying military equipment and logistics into Syria from northern Iraq. Sources reported that the military convoy entered Syria from northern Iraq through the al-Walled border crossing. The convoy was accompanied by 11 Hummer military vehicles. The goal is to strengthen the military posts and bases of U.S. forces in the Gozarto (Jazeera) region and to prevent oil resources in al-Hassaka and Deir al-Zor from falling into the hands of terrorists.

In previous reports, several media sources reported 10 trucks entered Syrian territory from Iraq again through the al-Walled border crossing and headed from al-Yaroubia to the US military base at Kharab al-Jir airport in Derik in al-Qamishli countryside.

On February 7th the construction of a new US base in the Guiran neighborhood south of al-Hassaka started. According to local sources, U.S. forces have turned a former self-defense forces headquarters into a military base. And a convoy of trucks carrying drilling vehicles and a crane arrived to construct and prepare the base and raise the U.S. flag on the building.