Bethnahrin National Council: In the spirit and unity of the Feast of the Resurrection we will overcome all distress

On the occasion of the Feast of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Bethnahrin National Council issued a statement wishing all people a happy Feast of the Resurrection and strength and hope in these days of distress. SyriacPress is an affiliate of the Bethnahrin National Council (Syriac: Mawtbo Umthoyo d’Bethnahrin).

********** STATEMENT **********

In the spirit of unity, we will overcome all distress

“…Throughout human history there were many diseases, epidemics, famines, genocides and wars but none of these were able to extinguish humanity. Through knowledge and human will, humans have overcome all distress, hardships and threats.

Like humanity as a whole and like all other suppressed peoples, our Syriac people (Arameans-Assyrians- Chaldeans) have also lived through all these hardships. But our strong Syriac people has resisted, survived and upheld its nationhood and identity. Our Syriac nation has risen again in its resistance against the suppressive and ruling status quo powers and its demand for freedom and constitutional rights as a people.

Our Syriac people took up the teachings of Jesus Christ and merged them in its national identity. By the teachings of unity and solidarity, Syriacs were able to overcome all catastrophes and protect their faith and national treasures.

On 12 April millions of people of the Catholic denomination and with them a large part of our Syriac people celebrate the Feast of the Resurrection at home, hoping for better days soon to come. In the firm hope we as Bethnahrin National Council have in a free future, we want to wish every Syriac of the Catholic denomination a happy Feast of the Resurrection.

Furthermore, in the spirit of unity of the Feast of Resurrection, the Bethnahrin National Council calls on every person of our people to defend and support our national unity. We call on every Syriac to help according to his or her ability and to be a source of hope in difficult times.

We bid heavenly peace for all those who lost their life in different countries all over the world because of the Coronavirus. The Council bids strength for the families of those affected and a quick recovery for the ill. We ask everybody to adhere to all the necessary prevention measures and to take care of his and her health and to take care of others. We have the full conviction that the coming feast will be celebrated in big happiness.

Bethnahrin National Council

Executive Council

11 April 2020