NINEVEH PLAINS: Nineveh Governate officials and Iraqi MPs visit Syriac city of Baghdede

BAGHDEDE ܒܓ݂ܕܝܕܐ, Iraq A delegation of Nineveh Governorate officials and Iraqi parliamentarians visited the Syriac city of Baghdede, the mayor Cissam Behnan Matti and its municipal council. The visit and meetings centered around the public health situation in the Baghdede, its district and surroundings.

Baghdede mayor Cissam Behnam Matti welcomed in city hall the deputy governor of the Nineveh governorship Serwan Rozbayazi, Iraqi MP Sherwan Aldobirdani along with a group of Nineveh Governornate officials. The city of Baghdede prepared meetings and information sessions in which different managers of institutions and administrators explained the implemented measures and ongoing lock-down over the COVID-19 pandemic.

General issues of administration and governance related to the situation in Baghdede and how the Governate and central government can help resolve these issues were also on the table.