USUP Vice President Latti: So long as living conditions in Lebanon remain difficult, we will do what we can to provide aid to Syriac families

BEIRUT – After the success of the first phase of the “Heart-to-Heart” aid campaign launched by the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) in Lebanon in April, a second phase of aid distribution is being prepared for families in regions not covered by the first phase.

Mrs. Leila Latti, Vice President of the USUP thanked all those in the diaspora who contributed in assisting Syriac families in Lebanon due to the difficult economic conditions that the country is witnessing after suspending people’ s work because of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Latti confirmed that the first phase of the Heart-to-Heart aid campaign ended in Beirut and Tripoli and the second phase is currently in preparation and will delivered as soon as it is sorted ad packaged.

The aid packages include nearly a month’s worth of basic goods.

Latti stated that so long as living conditions remain difficult in Lebanon, the USUP will do what it can to provide aid to struggling Syriac families.