SWEDEN: Syriac man (38) killed by unidentified gunmen in Jönköping

JÖNKÖPING, Sweden – This Friday, unknown assailants carried out an armed attack on a Syriac Swedish citizen (38) in the Roselt residential neighborhood of the city of Jönköping, southern Sweden. The unidentified gunmen fired a hail of bullets on the Syriac man which led to his immediate death. The murder was carried out in front of the eyes of many people of the neighborhood, including children who were playing in the playground near the crime scene. Swedish police announced the arrest of three persons suspected of being linked to the killing of the Syriac man.

In related news, local media in the city of Södertälje reported that two Syriacs were injured after an exchange of fire between four people, all Syriacs and probably city locals. Although unconfirmed but the incident might be related to and comes after Swedish police last week raided a number of homes and public places after the killing of a young man in the main market in the city of Malmö, in the south of Sweden.