USUP President Mrad: Full implementation of Resolution 1559 has become a national necessity

BEIRUT, Lebanon – The President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Ibrahim Mrad announced in a statement this week that conditions set forth by American, Gulf and European countries to help Lebanon get out of its deep crises are clear and acceptance becomes more important by the day to get Lebanon out of turmoil. In his statement, USUP President Mrad referred to 2004 UN Security Council Resolution 1559 and said that full implementation of Resolution 1559 is now more needed than ever.

UN Security Council Resolution 1559 calls for free and fair presidential elections in Lebanon in line with Lebanese constitutional rules and without foreign interference or influence. The Resolution calls upon all remaining foreign forces to withdraw from Lebanon, the disbanding and disarmament of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias and the restoration in Lebanon of territorial integrity, full sovereignty, and political independence.

According to USUP President Mrad, the international community wants to save Lebanon and all its people from the stranglehold of an axis of dictatorships, extremism, ignorance, terrorism, and bankruptcy. This axis has forced the Militia to become its forward base in Lebanon from where it carries out its subversive works and threatens, in all possible ways, the security and stability of the Lebanese people and of the whole region. This axis, through its Militia, holds power over Lebanon, controls state institutions and the judiciary to serve and implement its project.

And this is all done under the false disguise of the fight against imperialism and liberating Jerusalem. This symphony no longer fools anyone, he said.

Lebanon is facing its worst financial and political crisis since the end of the Lebanese civil war and protesters have took to the streets of Beirut for months now. Earlier this week the Lebanese President Michel Aoun even warned of a “civil war atmosphere” in times when the Lebanese are facing severe hardship. President Aoun, a Syriac Maronite, said that verbal and violent confrontations in Beirut earlier this month stirred old sectarian divisions between Shiites and Christians, and Shiites and Sunnis.

USUP President Mrad ended his statement calling for a true and just state and making it clear that the decision to confront this axis and its stranglehold over the country is now with the Lebanese people.