Church building in Elâzığ restored to its former glory

Elâzığ, Turkey – A team of archaeologists and students of the Elâzığ Museum Directorate have started restoring a church which was in use decades as mosque, to its former glory. The historical building is in the village Ekinözü (Habap) in the Kovancılar district of Elâzığ. It was converted into a mosque in 1915 but left empty after villagers built a new mosque. There are no Christians living in the village of Ekinözü (Habap) nor is there a real Armenian and Syriac Christian presence left in Elâzığ (Harput).

The project is supported by the Diyarbakir Regional Directorate for Cultural Heritage Preservation and a state grant was provided for the project. (photos: ILKHA)