IRAQ: Syriac-Chaldean Minister Evan Jabro visits Sinjar and expresses full support for Yazidis

SINJAR / BAGHDAD – The Iraqi Syriac-Chaldean Minister of Migration and Displacement Evan Jabro expressed her full support for Yazidis after a visit to the Yazidi village Kuju in Sinjar in one of her first visits to the region since taking up office. She wanted to see the situation of the Yazidis up close.

In the speech she gave, the Minister stated that the perpetrators of crimes against humanity against the Yazidis must be arrested and convicted as soon as possible. Minister Jabro discussed the issues and difficulties displaced Yazidis face when they want to return to their villages and towns in Sinjar.

Minister Jabro also visited a school which held an exhibition on kidnapped Yazidis. The exhibited showed pictures of all kidnapped Yazidi men, women and children by ISIS.

Minister Evan Jabro herself originates from Nineveh.

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