Coronavirus kills two soldiers of Syrian Republican Guard forces

DARAMSUQ (DAMASCUS) – Two soldiers of Syrian Regime’s Republican Guard forces died Tuesday morning in the town of Kanaker in western Ghouta after being infected with the coronavirus.

Before their deaths, the two soldiers were on leave to see their relatives but were soon transferred to Military Hospital 601 in the Al-Mazza neighborhood of Daramsuq (Damascus) where they tested positive for the virus.

According to an informed source, the virus was transmitted to them through contact with Iranian militias at a military barracks in the Idlib countryside. Accordingly, all military personnel who were in contact with them in the barracks, in addition to their families, were quarantined.

In related news, a medical source at Al-Nour Hospital in Jablah in Latakia Province has reported that there are three coronavirus infections among medical staff in the hospital, in addition to ten new civilian cases.