Another attack in Al-Hol Camp in North and East Syria leaves one Iraqi refugee dead

HASAKAH, Syria — On Sunday evening, The Al-Hol Refugee Camp east of Hasakah city in North and East Syria witnessed more unrest in the form of an assassination carried out by unknown persons targeting an Iraqi refugee.

According to security sources inside the camp, “The killing was carried out with a suppressed gun, and the Iraqi refugee lost his life after being hit by four bullets.”

Informed sources explained that immediately after the incident, camp security issued an alert and began investigating the circumstances of the crime.

Security agencies attributed the killings and stabbings inside the camp to the extremist mentality still carried by the female members of the Islamic State (ISIS) within the camp.

Last Thursday, male members of ISIS disguised as women conducted an armed attack from inside the camp, injuring at least three people in the same section of the camp of the recent assassination.