IRAQ: Batnaya in Nineveh Plains continues revival after Islamic State devastation thanks to USAID funding

BATNAYA, Iraq — Under the patronage of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the second phase of reconstruction has begun in the town of Batnaya in Nineveh Plains (Doshto D’Ninveh).

The second phase of the current reconstruction effort includes the removal of houses that were damaged or destroyed by the Islamic State. The reconstruction work has been ongoing for a week.

The Mor Quryaqus Church in the town of Batnaya published a post via its Facebook page showing that the USAID funding has greatly contributed to the cleaning of residential neighborhoods devastated by the Islamic State.

The project is being conducted under the supervision of Friends of Youth Forum Organization. The Friends of Youth Forum is also seeking to coordinate with the relevant authorities to reimburse families who houses have been destroyed.

The first phase of the large-scale reconstruction project was launched at the beginning of the August.

Projects have also begun in other towns in Nineveh Plains, such as Bashiqa.