European Parliament urges the European Council to impose sanctions on Turkey

BRUSSELS — On Thursday, the European Parliament issued a resolution condemning Turkey’s violation of the economic interests of Greece and Cyprus, affirming its solidarity with the two European Union members and urging Turkey to stop its illegal exploration activities in the eastern Mediterranean. The European Parliament also called on the European Council to impose sanctions on certain sectors of the Turkish economy.

The resolution passed by a wide margin with 601 votes in favor, 57 votes against, and 36 abstentions.

The European Parliament expressed its concern about the continuation of the dispute and the risk of it escalation into a potential military conflict.

The Parliament stressed that the European Union stance is clear and it is determined to protect its interests, urging Turkey to immediately stop any illegal exploration and drilling activities in the eastern Mediterranean, in addition to refraining from violating the airspace and territorial waters of Greece and Cyprus. The Parliament also called on Turkey to rope in its nationalistic rhetoric calling for war.

The Parliament also warned that Turkey’s foreign policy and its practices in the Mediterranean will have negative consequences for regional stability, especially in Syria and stressed that dialogue is the only way to avoid the imposition of sanctions.