Democratic Self-Administration of Shingal: Baghdad-Erbil agreement is political move

This article was published on 10 October 2020 by Kirkuk Now. The original can be found here.

The Democratic Self-Administration of Shingal rejects the agreement between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to install a new administration in Shingal district (the Ezidi-majority region in Nineveh), and deems it a “political move.” A demonstration to protest against it has been scheduled for tomorrow.

Haso Ibrahim, deputy of one of the co-chairs of the self-administration, in an interview with KirkukNow stressed: “We will not accept any agreement in any way if the people of Shingal are not consulted; this agreement is a political move which most of Shingal’s residents were not aware of.”

The Democratic Self-Administration Council of Shingal was formed to administer the Shingal district. Their views are close to that of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party), and it incorporates a number of Ezidi and Arab political parties.

Yesterday (Friday, 9 October 2020) the Iraqi Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional government (KRG) agreed on installing a new administration for Shingal district, which they say is meant to normalise conditions in the district in terms of security and governing, and to facilitate the return of the IDPs (internally displaced persons).

The agreement stipulates that the Federal Police will be in charge of security within the town of Shingal, and the other armed forces will be deployed 5 km outside of it. And for basic services to be restored.

Haso Ibrahim said: “We in Shingal have so far managed to run our affairs and administer the district without the presence of institutions of the [federal] government. We have met to the political parties and the people of Shingal; everyone is against that agreement. No new administration can be installed without the consultation of the people of Shingal.”

To protest the agreement, a demonstration will be held tomorrow (Sunday 11 October 2020).

A source close to the YBŞ (Shingal Resistance Units; a militia close to PKK that was formed to protect the region from ISIS) told KirkukNow: “If the people of Shingal is against the agreement, then they [YBŞ] will also reject it.”

The Self-Administration Council is to release a statement on the issue today (below).


This article was published on 10 October 2020 by Kirkuk Now. The original can be found here.

The Democratic Self-Administration Council in Shingal in a statement categorically rejects the agreement between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to install a new administration in Shingal district.

Translation of the full statement:

To the public:

As you all know, the Ezidi community has been targeted many times under the policies of various forces aiming their eradication. The last attempt to exterminate the community was on 3 August 2014, when the Shingal district was handed over by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) [to ISIS] and neglected by the Iraqi government. ISIS committed genocide against our people. The goal of the enemy was to complete its cowardly act, but it did not succeed. On the contrary, the Ezidi community fought ISIS resolutely, gave sacrifices and stood in the way of the enemy. Prior to 2014, different political parties were imposing their policies on the Ezidis, but those days have passed and now the community is not the same acquiescent community as before, and times have also changed.

We, as an autonomous administration in Shingal, closely monitor the situation, especially the developments between Erbil and Baghdad regarding the disputed areas (or the areas of Article 140), as discussions take place. On 9 October an agreement was made without the consultation of Ezidis and the other communities.

After the two sides held the meeting, the agreement was announced. But there are criticisms and disputes, and without taking the Ezidi community into consideration, the imposition policy failed. Therefore, we also closely monitor the situation and discuss it, as we try to reach consensus to determine what’s in the interest of the Ezidi community, and who are the competing sides in the region. In order to preserve and guarantee the interests of the community, we try to reach a common vision in which the community will have existence and a free voice. We have been administering Shingal for the past six years without problems; we served our people and we continue to do so.

As Ezidis, it would otherwise be impossible for us to accept decisions outside the will of this community and remain ineffective and idle.

Finally, in short, we will not accept any changes or discussions which we are not involved in, because we are also discussing them and our concerns are related to the interests of this community. And for the discussions to be successful, we must be one of the main parties and we must be recognized. Otherwise no discussion or negotiation will be acceptable.

In conclusion, we are in favour of talks, peace and finding solutions, provided that these discussions and agreements conform with the reality in Shingal and its communities. We call on all the components of Shingal not to remain silent and indifferent to the decision that was taken about their fate.

The Democratic Self-Administration Council in Shingal