SYRIA: Turkey evacuates more positions in Edleb, reinforces occupied areas along M4 highway north of Tel Tamr

TEL TAMR and EDLEB, Syria – Turkey and the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) continue to reinforce their positions in the villages north of the M4 highway in occupied North and East Syria.

More Turkish soldiers, prebuilt fortifications, and heavy weaponry, including tanks, armored infantry vehicles, and rocket artillery, arrived in the area over the past several days according to local sources.

The reinforcements reportedly arrived at Turkish military points in the villages of Arbaeen, Laylan, Al-Hamdaniya, and Al-Dabsa, west of Tel Tamr in the Khabur Valley.

In Edleb (Idlib), Turkey evacuated another of its military posts surround by Syrian regime and Russian forces since early this year.

According sources in Edleb, trucks arrived at the Turkish observation point in Sher Maghar, north of Hemto (Hama), to prepare for the evacuation process. Turkish forces withdrawing from Sher Maghar will be redeployed to a new military location established in the village of Qoqfin, in the area controlled by the Turkish-backed SNA in Edleb city.

The Turkish military point in Morek, and several others, were dismantled and evacuated in mid-October.