IRAQ: One dead and three wounded in ISIS attack in western Anbar

ANBAR, Iraq – An Iraqi security source reported to Shafaq News Agency that terrorists of the Islamic State (ISIS) had launched an armed attack on the al-Kasra area of a​l-Nukhaib district in the southwest of the Iraqi Anbar Province, near Karbala city.

The ISIS attack resulted in the killing of a police officer and the injuring of three civilians, including a woman. In the attack, the mayor of a residential neighborhood in al-Kasra was kidnapped.No information or reason had been reported about the reasons behind the kidnapping.

According to an eyewitness from the area, the perpetrators were estimated at eight terrorists and riding two cars.

The ISIS attacks coincide with a new campaign by Iraqi Security Forces to arrest ISIS jihadists hiding in rough and inaccessable terrain, in the north and west of the country.