Belgian Members of Parliament visit Syriac Union Party in Syria

ZALIN, Syria — Within the framework of their visit to Iraq and the regions of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in North and East Syria, Members of Belgian Parliament Georges Dallemangne (Centre Démocrate Humaniste) and Koen Metsu (Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie), today visited the headquarters of the Syriac Union Party (SUP) in Syria for a meeting with SUP Co-Chair Sanharib Barsoum and member of the SUP Executive Committee Elizabeth Gawriye.

The Syriac Union Party asked the Belgian delegation to create more awareness in Europe on the issues of the Syriac people and the peoples of the DAA and to support them in all respects to create the right environment for the survival of the Syriac and others peoples on their lands. At the end of the meeting, the Belgian delegation stressed the importance of the Democratic Autonomous Administration project for North and East Syria in particular and Syria in general as a pluralistic political model that ensures the rights of all.

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The Belgian delegation visited several DAA institutions including the Department of Foreign Relations and the Syrian Democratic Council. 

After the meeting, Suroyo TV interviewed MP Georges Dallemagne about the reason of his repeating visits to the region. Dallemagne said that he had now made several visits to the region aimed to learn about the living conditions and difficulties the peoples of the region face, especially the Christian people. The aim of his visits is to convey what is happening in the region to the world and push the concerned and relevant authorities in Belgium and Europe to provide support to the people of North and East Syria.

Dallemagne has tried to create goodwill and political support for the DAA by making his voice heard in the Belgian Parliament and the European Union. He added that he had discussed with his government to provide humanitarian support to the region’s refugees who only wanted to live in peace and security without the abomination of the Islamic State (ISIS).

The current visit is especially in light of help to victims of terrorism because there are many people affected by terrorism, in Belgium as well as in the Democratic Autonomous Administration.

Dallemagne also declared that he had previously visited the Baghouz area to document the devastation that befell a number Christian villages.