SYRIA: Russian forces officially deployed in Ayn Issa

AYN ISSA, Syria — The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the deployment of additional Russian forces around Ayn Issa, north of Raqqa city, following negotiations with Turkish forces who have been routinely targeting in the region with artillery.

On Sunday evening, TASS reported that the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria at Hmeimim Base stated that Russian and Turkish forces reached an agreement about the establishment of joint Russian–Syrian observation points around Ayn Issa.

“Additional units of the Russian Military Police have arrived in Ayn Issa to enhance the stability of the region,” read the statement. “We urge all parties to stop the escalation.”

The Reconciliation Center also announced that Russia, along with the Syrian regime, want full control over Edleb (Idlib), especially the M4 highway, without carrying out large-scale military operations. The reopening of the M4 highway, which connects Holeb (Aleppo) with Latakia and eastern Syria, would help boost the struggling Syrian economy.