Clashes continue in northern Lebanon between protests and security forces over economic crisis and coronavirus curfew

TRIPOLI, Lebanon — In protest against deteriorating living conditions and the decision to extend the general closure to combat the coronavirus, protesters on Tuesday evening blocked the road in Nour Square in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, with burning tires.

Popular protests erupted in Tripoli and several other northern cities on Monday during which protesters blocked roads in rejection of the decision to extend the public closure to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country.

On Tuesday, protesters threw stones at government buildings, demanding the release of the protesters, who were arrested during Monday night’s protests.

The Lebanese Red Cross announced the transfer of six wounded protesters from the Nour Square demonstration in Tripoli to hospitals in the area.

The Lebanese Government has taken a decision to close all non-essential businesses completely and instituted a two-week extension to a curfew that was set to end on the 25th of January. After the number of coronavirus cases continued to climb and hospitals nearing or at capacity, the curfew was extended to the 8th of February.