IRAQ: Political and civil organizations hold workshop to train youth cadres of minorities for upcoming elections

NINEVEH, Iraq – The Jusoor Youth Organization in cooperation with the German Konrad Adenauer Stiftung held a workshop to inform and train youth cadres of Iraqi minority components on the electoral process. The workshop discussed national election laws in general and addressed security and obstacles to minority representation and their participation in elections in particular.

Iraq plans to hold early parliamentary elections in October 2021.

The initiative for the workshop came about to increase the knowledge of representatives of minorities about elections, the effective participation of minorities in the elections, constitutional and legislative advice, and ways to encourage minorities to engage in the political process, in addition to creating a team of youth cadres capable of monitoring the elections.

Participants put forward their observations about problems related to the issuance and renewal of biometric cards for minorities who are not in their original area of residence, and issues that hinder the work of the minority political parties.

The workshop was attended by the media official and executive of the Beth Nahrain Patriotic Union Ma’rib Imad and Deputy Chairman of the Youth division of the Beth Nahrain Patriotic Union Samer Khaled.