International Coalition plans to expand ISIS prison in North and East Syria with British funding

HASAKAH, Syria — In a statement to Defense One, Deputy Commander of the U.S.-led International Coalition to Combat the Islamic State Major General Kevin Kapsi stated that the Coalition intends to expand the prison in North and East Syria which houses Islamic State (ISIS) detainees with British funding.

The expansion will be will approximately double the size of Hasakah Prison. A series of three buildings will be converted to house some 5,000 ISIS prisoners, Maj. Gen. Kapsi said, adding that once the expansion is complete, it will meet the standards of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (ICRC).

Maj. Gen. Kapsi also said the expansion efforts illustrate the limits of what the Coalition can do, noting that they can finance infrastructure, provide non-lethal systems for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to manage these facilities, and use their presence and contacts to try to attract various international organizations.

A Spokesman for the British Ministry of Defense confirmed that the UK was funding the expansion efforts.

The goal is to allow the SDF to better control facilities internally, said Lt. Gen. Paul Calvert, commander of the U.S.-led mission.