The start of the Great Lent and traditional Suryoyo celebrations: Hano Kritho

@gazetesabro – The ancient Syriac people continue to keep their traditions and cultural celebrations alive today. Each year, the Christian Syriacs (Suryoye/Suryaye) fast for 50 days before “Nuhomo” or the Feast of the Resurrection, i.e., Easter. And on the last Sunday before the Great Lent, Syriacs celebrate “Hano Kritho”.

Today, this tradition is continued in the Syriac towns and villages in their homelands of the Nineveh Plains in Iraq, the Gozarto Region in North and East Syria, in Tur Abdin in southeastern Turkey and in the diaspora.

The Syriac people of Tur Abdin celebrated Hano Kritho Day with enthusiasm today.

There are many Syriac folk songs sung on the day of Hano Kritho.

The Syriac people of Tur Abdin celebrated Hano Kritho Day with enthusiasm today.

The traditional story focuses on the female role model Hano Kritho who is depicted by a doll. The doll is prepared by the women of the town or village after which children and youth go around the houses one by one. The children are welcomed by the residents who sprinkle water on them. The sprinkling of water represents rain and abundance in spring.

The children collect bulgur, braised meat, and eggs from the houses and everything is brought together at the local church. All the village residents gather in the church courtyard, where the collected and traditional food of egg bulgur are joyfully consumed together.

The children play traditional games. A plate of egg bulgur and meat is hidden and the child who finds the plate is chosen Hano Kritho and will enjoy a prosperous and healthy life. The child who finds the plate has the whole plate for him- or herself. Subsequently, the children smash the stuffed Hano Kritho doll.

Hano Kritho Day ends with distributing some of the prepared food to the needy.