Universal Syriac Union Party President Mrad holds Lebanese Minister of Defense accountable for any possible attack on his life

BEIRUT – President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Ibrahim Mrad holds Lebanon’s defense minister responsible for his personal safety. Mrad said in a personal statement that the Defense Minister is accountable for any possible attack on his life. Mrad has been threatened with his life numerous times.

Mrad statement comes after the Minister of Defense refused to renew the firearm permit of Mrad’s bodyguards and to not grant security licenses for the USUP headquarter in Beirut. Mrad stated that in the past and today, he has received personal threats from bodies of active states.

USUP President Mrad is an outspoken opponent of Hezbollah, the “Party of God” backed and funded by the Islamic Republic of Iran. The highly militarized Hezbollah plays an active role in Lebanese politics described as “a state within a state” and an extension of Iran’s arm in the Levant. Hezbollah holds control over several sectors of the Lebanese economy.

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The Universal Syriac Union Party is affiliated with the Beth Nahrin National Council (MUB) and its partner the Syriac Union Party in Syria is a co-founder of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria and an opponent of the Syrian Ba’ath regime. MUB affiliate the Syriac Military Council (Mawtbo Fulhoyo Suryoyo) is co-founder of the Syrian Democratic Forces and fought against ISIS in Syria with the support of the US-led International Coalition. Hezbollah is a fierce supporter of the Ba’ath regime and its cadres fight in Syria on the side of the regime.

Hezbollah is designated by the United States, Germany and other countries as a terrorist organization.

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