The 27th Festival of Raha concludes in North and East Syria

ZALIN, Syria — As part of the second day of the 27th Festival of Raha, which took place on Sunday in the Hall of Mor Gabriel in Zalin (Qamishli) in North and East Syria, a large crowd of Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) people and institutions gathered to celebrate.

The festival began with a minute of silence to commemorate the souls of martyrs. The festival included various artistic performances, including individual singing and by the Mor Aphrem Suryoyo Choir in Hasakah, as well as a passage of Syriac folk songs and dances.

Director of the festival committee Shamoun Thomas gave a speech discussing the importance of reviving and enriching Syriac music to preserve it from extinction.

At the end of the event, popular Syrian Arab actress Sulaf Fawakherji was honored and awarded for her role in promoting Syriac language and heritage by Syriac Orthodox Archbishop of the Diocese of Gozarto and Euphrates Mor Maurice Amsih, supervisor of the festival committee Khamri Hanna, and director of the committee Thomas, as well as members of the Council of the Syriac Orthodox Church.

Fawakherji thanked the committee for hosting her and expressed her gratitude for the good reception and love of the people, stating that she is proud to develop and disseminate Syriac language, heritage, and music.

The final speech of the day was delivered by Archbishop Amsih who spoke about the messages of the festival and its role in promoting the Syria language.