North and East Syria official Joseph Lahdo: Syrian and Iraqi governments must do more to end Turkey’s use of water as a weapon of war

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Following Turkey’s repeated use of water as a weapon of war against the Syrian and Iraqi people, Deputy Co-Chair of the Executive Council of North and East Syria Joseph Lahdo stated that the water scarcity situation as a result of Turkish actions is at a high point.

Water levels across the region have receded, so low in many places that dams cannot produce electricity.

Lahdo pointed out that the agriculture and livestock sectors in the region have been severely affected and that, “this will negatively affect the income of citizens.” He added that the low water levels of the Euphrates River as a result of Turkish dams are threatening numerous species of fish with extinction and threatens the overall health of the regions natural environment. “Forestry in the areas of the Euphrates Basin is also severely affected,” he said.

Lahdo called on the Syrian and Iraqi governments, who have done little to nothing according to Lahdo, to end Turkey’s destructive water policies.

It was also reported on Tuesday that Turkish forces had shelled the area near the Shehba Dam.