SUP Co-Chair Barsoum: Recognition of 1915 Genocide is correction of false history

ZALIN, Syria — Co-Chair of the Syriac Union Party (SUP) in Syria Sanharib Barsoum stated via Twitter that, “The recognition of the genocide against the Armenians, Syriacs (Arameans–Assyrians–Chaldeans), and Greeks at the hands of the Ottoman Empire is a correction of the false history that the Turkish state has spread for a century.”

“It is a historic decision and would be a historic mistake to continue to deny the genocide,” he added.

Barsoum thanked U.S. President Joe Biden and every country that recognized the genocide, as well as thanked in advance every country that will recognize the genocide in the future.

Barsoum’s tweet came after U.S. President Joe Biden announced on Saturday, 24 April 2021, his recognition of the genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire against the Armenians in 1915.

U.S. Presidents have long avoided this recognition to avoid damaging U.S.–Turkish relations.

In December 2019, after the Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives passed House Res. 296 on 29 October in a 405-11 vote, the U.S. Senate unanimously adopted Res. 150 giving “recognition and remembrance” to the victims of the “genocide against Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syriacs, Arameans, Maronites, and other Christians”.