Public indifference and municipal failure leaves Hasakahs streets and squares filled with refuse

HASAKAH, Syria — The problem of unregulated waste dumping and failure of waste pickup continues to plague Hasakah city in North and East Syria.

The spread of diseases increased due to the accumulation of waste in most neighborhoods of Hasakah city are a health and environmental threat to the growing population of the city.

SuroyoTV sat down with the Co-Chair of the People’s Municipality in Hasakah, Mr. Hajj Bashir, to discuss the issue. “The municipality carries out its duties to the fullest, but we notice that there is a failure to remove garbage collections sometimes,” stated Bashir.

“The reason is that the people do not respond to us as a municipality and as cleaners, they do not feel the magnitude of the risk they face from the coronavirus pandemic and other health risks,” he added. “In coordinating with the communes, we demanded that there be a response from the people in order to maintain hygiene and public health.”

The level of waste has accumulated significantly recently in Hasakah. Neighborhoods, alleyways, and public squares are full of waste, partially due to the public’s disregard for proper waste disposal and partially due to the failure of the municipality to remove waste.