General Council of North and East Syria approves formation of social contract drafting committee

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — In comments made to SyriacPress, Co-Chair of the General Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) Siham Qiryo said that the Council held its regular session on Thursday, during which a paper containing the proposed structure of the 150-person committee to draft a social contract was presented. The formation of the committee was approved, she said.

The committee will be constituted of representatives of the Autonomous and Civil Administrations, political parties, civil society organizations, women’s movements, youth movements, the co-chairships of the General Council, Executive Council, and the Justice Council, as well as technocrats and two members of the Syrian Democratic Council.

The paper also included the terms and mechanism of its work.

Qiryo explained that the DAA is based on consensual democracy and the equality of peoples, so the rights and representation of components will be safeguarded within this committee.

“This committee is a foundation and a sub-committee will emerge from it that will prepare the social contract, said Qiryo. “When it is completed, it will be presented to the Grand Committee and subsequently submitted to the General Council for approval.”