North and East Syria begins using ‘smart card’ for fuel distribution

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria has adopted a smart card system for fuel distribution which, despite its simplicity, will help protect against fraud and theft, say officials.

Co-Chair of the DAA General Fuel Department Sadiq Muhammad stated that this project is a process to control the amount of fuel allocated to each family in North and East Syria.

“We have issued a paper card now and we will work on issuing a plastic card next year,” Muhammad added, indicating that it will be hand-delivered to citizens.

The distribution centers will be determined by the neighborhood council, unlike in the past where distribution was limited to one gas station in each area.

Muhammad also stated that a central database of names will avoid repetition and that the delivery of fuel and gas will be arranged via a digital application installed on the phone of distribution center officials. The application reads the card to calculate the withdrawn quantity. It is also connected to the database so that the Fuel Department can monitor and control the distribution process.

He noted that the quantities that will be supplied to gas stations will be according to local station demand and will not be predetermined.

Muhammad reassured the people of North and East Syria that all families will receive their allowances and that the distribution mistakes that occurred last year will not be repeated.