Suryoyo Ibrahim Baylan reappointed as Minister of Trade and Industry in new Swedish government

STOCKHOLM – The new Swedish government led by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was installed today at the Royal Palace in the capital Stockholm. After the Swedish Left Party and parliament had withdrawn confidence in the Social Democrat PM in June, Löfven and his minority cabinet resigned. After several weeks of acting as caretaker prime minister, Löfven continues as PM with his entire cabinet.

The Suryoyo (Syriac) Ibrahim Baylan will continue as Minister for Trade and Industry. Baylan is the only Syriac minister in Sweden. Since 2004, he has led several departments.

There are 5 Syriac Members of Parliament in the Swedish Riskdag: Tony Haddou (Vänsterpartiet/Left Party), Robert Hannah and Roger Haddad (both Liberalerna), Robert Halef (Kristdemokraterna), and in August 2020 Abraham Halef was nominated by the Social Democrats to the Riksdag as the fifth Syriac MP.

Ibrahim Baylan (48) and his family originate from the traditional Syriac village of Saleh in Tur Abdin, southeastern Turkey. His family moved from Tur Abdin to Sweden in 1982 – they settled in Norsborg where there is a large Suryoyo community. The last Syriac resident of Saleh Atiya Duran passed away in May of this year at the age of 90. Duran stayed with her sister Manjo in Saleh, refusing the idea of emigrating despite the difficult situation in the region throughout the years.