Syriac Member of Swedish Parliament Robert Hannah; radical Islam is biggest threat to liberal and secular society

STOCKHOLM / GOTHENBURG – Syriac Member of Swedish Parliament for the Liberal Party Robert Hannah has lashed out at the opposing and ruling Social Democrats for wasting liberal and secular values held high in Swedish society. In an op-ed in the Göteborgs-Posten, the Syriac Liberal MP says that “liberal secular democracy is under threat today,” and “that the greatest threat to liberal democracy is the division that has taken place as a result of an ill-conceived policies of migration, integration, and justice. The pro-violence radical Islamist movement in Sweden is the biggest threat today.

As examples of how religious fundamentalists have established parallel power structures in Swedish society, Hannah mentions how radical Islamists have access to both Swedish tax money by running government-sponsored kindergartens and schools, and to money from rogue states like Saudi Arabia and Iran who without major obstacles are allowed to pay for and control mosques in Sweden. He sees the increased violent crime and shooting incidents as one of the consequences of this.

Radicalized groups are allowed under Swedish integration policies to go against the secular values and keep to “medieval views,” Hannah says.

Hannah blames the ruling Social Democrats for having miserably neglected social problems and growing divisions. According to the Syriac MP, Sweden’s problems are much bigger and more numerous than a nationalist populist party like the Sweden Democrats. Populist parties grow as social problems and divisions grow. Due to the neglect of the Social Democrats and their fierce focus and rhetoric against the Sweden Democrats rather than social problems, the Liberal from Gothenburg has no problem working with the Sweden Democrats to solve the societal problems of Sweden.

Besides Robert Hannah (Liberals) the following are the Syriac members of the Swedish Riksdag; Tony Haddou (Vänsterpartiet / Left Party), Robert Halef and Abraham Halef (KristDemokraterna), and Roger Haddad (Liberalerna). There is one Syriac minister Ibrahim Baylan (Minister for Enterprise).

The are an estimated 150 thousand Syriacs (Suryoye) in Sweden.