Syrian Democratic Forces calls on U.S.-led International Coalition to stop Turkish attacks on North and East Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Following a meeting held between Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spokesperson Aram Hanna and U.S.-led International Coalition spokesperson Col. Wayne Marotto two days ago in the town of Rmelan in North and East Syria, the SDF stated that the they discussed the recent Turkish escalation in Abu Rasayn (Zarkan) and Tel Tamer areas, as well as the countryside of Tal Abyad and its impact on the lives of civilians and its negative effects on the efforts to combat the Islamic State (ISIS).

The SDF called on the Coalition to work jointly to stop the escalation and ensure the appropriate conditions for the safe return of civilians to their areas, especially those in areas occupied by Turkey.

Hanna stressed that the SDF will continue to carry out qualitative operations against ISIS, especially in the areas from which the Coalition has withdrew, including in the west and south of Raqqa.

He also reiterated the SDF’s decision to resist and respond to all attacks within the framework of the right of defense to protect the region residents and infrastructure.

Marotto, in turn, stressed the continuation of the Coalition missions and the provision of the necessary support to the SDF to fight ISIS, expressing the increasing concerns of the Coalition about the escalation of attacks, especially from drones. The question of the Turkish attacks, however, was differed to the Pentagon and the State Department.