Center for orphaned children opens in Raqqa in North and East Syria

RAQQA, Syria — On Wednesday, Co-Chair of the Raqqa Civil Council’s Child Protection Office Amira al-Hassan stated that they had issued a plan to build a special facility for orphans and unaccompanied children in Raqqa city in North and East Syria in collaboration with Lien Charity.

Due to the large number of unaccompanied and orphaned children who lost their parents during the conflict, the proposal will be executed despite the limited available resources and “through this facility, children will get the required care and protection as well as all sorts of support,” al-Hassan stated to North Press Agency.

According to the Children’s Protection Office, a center for orphaned and unaccompanied children opened in the Gozarto (Jazira) Region last week. Another center was previously opened in Euphrates Region.

On 23 August, in an effort to discover radical solutions to the problem of child labor, Lien Charity, in collaboration with the Child Protection Office, launched a volunteer project to curb the growth of the problem and its negative effects on the community and children.