Turkish and Syrian intelligence chiefs set to meet

ANKARA / DAMASCUS — Confirming reports from several days ago, a Turkish official stated that a meeting will soon bring together Turkish Intelligence Chief Hakan Vidan together with his Syrian counterpart, Ali Mamlouk, to discuss a number of outstanding issues between the two countries.

Following a meeting in Moscow last year, former head of the military intelligence service and vice-chairman of Turkey’s Vatan Party İsmail Hakkı Pekin confirmed the meeting which is set to take place in Baghdad.

Pekin said that because bilateral relations between Turkey and Syria ceased after the Syrian revolution in 2011, the two sides suffered significant material and moral losses, pointing out that the mediation attempts made by Russia and Iran to restore relations have not come with the desired result.

According to Pekin, the two sides will discuss the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (Partîya Karkerên Kurdistanê, PKK), the issue of Syrian refugees, and the situation in the border areas between the two countries, particularly Edleb (Idlib).