Suryoyo American Association raises $4.835 in Suryoyo Student Initiative for Lebanon

LEBANON / U.S. – As Lebanon slides further into the political and economic abyss, non-profit aid organization Syriac Cross Organization for Relief and Development and partner Syriac Youth Lebanon have launched a fundraising campaign to fund high school tuition fees for 50 Suryoyo (Syriac) students in Lebanon.

Prices in Lebanon for basic necessities such as food and water are skyrocketing, and the lack of jobs further makes it difficult for families to make ends meet. Some families have to choose between putting food on the table or the education of their children.

For many Suryoyo students, financial aid will be a determining factor in whether or not they enroll in their high school. Syriac Cross and local partner Syriac Youth Lebanon have therefore decided to help individual students financially with their school fees and to support students individually.

The Suryoyo American Association has joined this initiative to collectively raise $10,000 and has raised $4,835 so far.