MP Tuma Çelik on Zahrire d-Bahra anniversary: The Syriac press continues to hold a prominent role in transferring Syriac life and language into the future

ANKARA / MARDIN – Syriac Member of Turkish Parliament for Mardin, Tuma Çelik, issued a public statement on the occasion of the 172nd anniversary of the first Syriac newspaper called Zahrire d-Bahra. Zahrire d-Bahra (“Rays of Light) was first published on November 1, 1849, in Urmia, Iran.

In his statement, Çelik said that; “For centuries, the Syriac language held a prominent place in our region in the formation and spread of knowledge in the disciplines of culture, philosophy, medicine, and many other disciplines. The Syriac press is for them one of the most important sources. Moreover, it has witnessed the history of this region.”

He further stated that newspapers remain one of the most important tools for the survival of Syriac language today; “Despite all kinds of pressure and being left without support, newspapers continue to be an important battleground in transferring Syriac life and the Syriac language into the future,” Çelik said.

The Syriac MP deputy concluded by honoring all those who have and continue to work in the field of the Syriac press and media; “On this basis, I respectfully commemorate everyone who has worked in the Syriac press in the past, and I wish much success to those who continue this honorable duty today. Thank you.”