Accompanied by SDF spokesperson Aram Hanna, Free Burma Rangers visit the headquarter of North Democratic Brigade in North and East Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Humanitarian organization Free Burma Rangers, accompanied by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spokesperson Aram Hanna, visited the headquarter of the General Command of the North Democratic Brigade, a member of the SDF, to learn about the military, political, and humanitarian situation in Edleb (Idlib).

The Commander-in-Chief of the North Democratic Brigade, Abu Omar Idlibi, received the Free Burma Rangers delegation.Free Burma Rangers is a multi-ethnic humanitarian service organization that helps liberate the oppressed in Burma, Syria, Iraq, and Kurdistan. They train teams of men and women in front-line medical treatment and reconnaissance techniques. In addition to providing humanitarian relief, the secondary role of the teams is to obtain evidence of military violence and human rights violations. This information is then published in the form of online reports or is issued to larger international human rights groups, intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations, and news agencies.

The organization lost one of its members in North and East Syria on 3 November 2019 when a humanitarian convoy came under Turkish mortar fire.

The North Democratic Brigade, a member of the SDF, is an armed revolutionary Syrian faction that initially belonged to the Free Syrian Army. Despite its relationship with the rest of the Syrian factions, the North Democratic Brigade has had close ties and alliances with the SDF in the cities of Kobane and Afrin since 2014.