Despite winter approaching, Syrian regime raises fuel prices and lifts subsidies

DARAMSUQ — The harsh Syrian winter is set to exacerbate the burden of the Syrian people who are already suffering from major political and economic crises. The Syrian regime, instead of easing their burden, has raised fuel prices and lifted subsidies, making fuel an almost unattainable dream for most Syrians.

This decision contradicts previous pledges made by the government to not increase the prices of subsidized materials such as bread, fuel, and other consumables.

In its new decision, the Syrian Ministry of Internal Trade set the price of gasoline at 2,500 Syrian Pounds per liter, a doubling of the current price, and has imposed a limit of 25 liters per week. It also set the price of heating fuel at 1,700 SP per liter and a limit of 40 liters per week.

The price increases will likely restrict transportation in the country even further. Even before the increases, the quantity of fuel required to drive between cities was out of reach for most Syrians.