Tal Tamr celebrates Christmas despite suffering

The events and wars taking place in the Khabur region of Syria and the ensuing migration that has affected the Syriac people there did not prevent them from holding Christmas Mass. They rather made it an opportunity to gather in the holy church of Tal Tamr, and to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Our correspondent in the town of Tal Tamr, Ahmed Samaila, covered the feast in Tal Tamr and wrote the following report:

Christmas is considered to be the second most important Christian feast after Easter. It commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, starting from the night of the 24th of December and continuing to the 25th of December, during which the Christian churches remember significant events such as the Annunciation of Mary, the birth of John the Baptist and the circumcision of Jesus.

In the town of Tal Tamr, despite the difficult circumstances that the Khabur region is going through due to the Turkish occupation, our Syriac Assyrian people congregated in the Holy Church of Tel Tamr this holiday and performed Christian religious prayers and hymns in the church.

Our correspondent interviewed one of the citizens who attended the liturgy, who said: “A short while ago, we were praying the mass on the occasion of the birth of Christ, and all of the Assyrian villages celebrated mass in commemoration of the birth of Christ, and we were able to participate in the liturgy despite the unstable security situation.”

He added, “I hope, on this blessed feast, that security and peace prevail in all parts of our beloved Syria, especially in the Al-Hasakah region with all its components.”