USUP President Ibrahim Mrad criticizes Lebanese journalist Nofal Dao for insulting Syriac people on Voice of Lebanon radio station

BEIRUT — Lebanese journalist Nawfal Dao, on the Manchett al-Masaa program broadcast on Voice of Lebanon, described the Syriac (Aramean–Chaldean–Assyrian) people as extremists and terrorists, comparing them to the Islamic State (ISIS).

President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Ibrahim Mrad responded sharply to Dao’s statements via Facebook..

“Our battle today is not with you, but with your party, the Ba’ath Party, and its abolitionist ISIS doctrine, which imposed on the Christian and other peoples an Arab identity,” said Mrad. “The Ba’ath Party killed and uprooted them from their land, history, civilization, and roots.”

In a video, Syriac Catholic Father Maurice Khoury, criticized Dao, saying that his statements are harmful and unacceptable since the Syriac people offered thousands of martyrs to defend Lebanon and ensure a dignified life for all Lebanese people.

“It is a shame for Dao to equate  our Syriac people with ISIS, which committed the most heinous massacres in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq,” he added, demanding Dao apologize for his statements.