Several Lebanese parties hold social development meeting Zahle

ZAHLE, Lebanon — As part of the coordination between Lebanese parties to improve the public services in Zahle, a social development league meeting was held at the Commission of the Free Patriotic Party in Zahle. The meeting was attended by the coordinator of the Zahle Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Sandra Kfoury Mello and representatives of the Youth Movement of Lebanon Wadih Hanna, Sonia Gerges, and Tony Barbari, representative of the Lebanese Forces Party Michel Tannouri, and Commissioner of the Bekaa Free Patriotic Party Fares Chamoun.

The meeting began with a welcome speech from Commissioner Fares Chamoun who praised the regular meetings for the benefit of Zahle district. During the meeting, the audience denounced the reported abuse of the Syriac people by journalist Nofal Daou.

Social and development affairs in Zahle were then discussed, as were future projects, including the establishment of a free, non-taxable industrial district. The need to seek funding to support the region’s schools and secure solar energy was also touched upon.

The attendees agreed to follow-up on the points of the meeting and persevere to achieve common goals. They decided to set a date for an upcoming meeting coordinated by the USUP.