Two new oxygen generators installed by Human Appeal in Edleb, Syria

EDELB, Syria — Human Appeal, an international humanitarian and development charity based in Manchester, UK, has installed two oxygen generators in hospitals in Edelb (Idlib) Governorate to meet the needs of health centers, ambulances, quarantine centers, and families in need of oxygen.

Project Coordinator Ayman Hamwieh told media outlets that the first generator is located in the city center of Edleb, while the second is located in Sarmada district.

Hamwieh stated that the two generators can fill 720 oxygen cylinders per day, which represents about 44% of Edelb’s needs. He also indicated that the cylinders will be distributed free of charge to hospitals and health centers in and around the governorate.

Human Appeal has wide activities in many fields in Syria, including distributing relief and providing shelter and health services.