Charles Lister: ISIS attacks have become more daring and sophisticated

HASAKAH, Syria — Senior Fellow and Director of the Syria and Countering Terrorism & Extremism programs at the Middle East Institute Charles Lister warned of increased attacks by the Islamic State (ISIS) in recent months after its recent attack on Al-Sinaa Prison. Lister noted that the group’s attacks have become more daring and, in some cases, more sophisticated.

He stated that after ISIS attacks in Hmoth (Homs) and Raqqa last March, it seized several military locations affiliated with the Syrian regime, in addition to populated civilian areas.

“ISIS has now retained more resources than before,” he added, indicating that ISIS controls some areas east of the Euphrates without fear of being challenged.

Despite the loss of its major territorial holdings, ISIS still runs a network of shelters, camps, and desert training facilities in the Badia, Syria’s eastern desert.