Turkish attacks continues on Suraye villages in countryside of Tel Tamr, North and East Syria

TEL TAMR, Syria — Turkey and its Syrian National Army (SNA) proxies continue their blatant attacks against the civilian population of North and East Syria.

On Thursday, they renewed their bombardment on several Suraye-inhabited villages on the contact lines in the countryside of Tel Tamr, North and East Syria.

Tel Tamr is the central town of the predominantly Syriac–Assyrian Khabur River Valley.

According to the Tel Tamr Military Council, Turkish forces fired dozens of shells at the villages of Tel Tawil, Tawila, Dashisha, and Dardara located in the northern and western countryside of Tel Tamr. The shelling led to the displacement of residents and significant material damage to civilian property.

For nearly a week, the countryside of Tel Tamer has been subjected to violent Turkish bombardment which resulted in significant material damage to public facilities, places of worship, and civilian property. At least one member of the Assyrian Khabur Guards was killed this week and several other wounded.