French parliamentarians denounce Turkish aggression in North and East Syria

PARIS — As Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan repeatedly threatens to launch a new military attack against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in North and East Syria with the aim of controlling more Syrian territory and creating a so-called “safe zone”, international sentiment continues to turn against Turkey.

More than 100 Members of French Parliament from various political parties denounced the policy of Erdoğan’s war on the ethnic groups of North and East Syria.

In an article published by Le Journal du Dimanche, the signatories of the statement wrote that, “Erdoğan is planning, in light of the global uproar, to launch a bloody attack on northern Syria.”

Representatives and senators from the French Communist Party, La France Insoumise, the Socialist Party, the Greens, and La République En Marche! — the party of French President Emmanuel Macron — stated that the Turkish president is exploiting his pivotal position in NATO regarding the crisis in Ukraine to obtain the consent of NATO to intensify his attacks in northern Syria.

They added that Western countries should not turn their backs on North and East Syria, calling on EU Member States to ensure the protection of activists and associations in Europe.

They called on France to urge the UN Security Council to impose a “No-Fly Zone” in North and East Syria and ensure the international protection of the region’s peoples.

They also demanded that the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in North and East Syria be internationally recognized.